Who is 404?

404 was conceived in early 2016 although many of their songs have roots that reach far into each member's past. The band started as guitarist Todd Nelson began jamming with brother-in-law Nick Erion, drums. These two together composed the first few notes of 404's existence. Not long after, Edward Badhorse, a former band mate of Erion, was added on bass, and 404 solidified it's power trio status.

The trio recorded their debut release, Not The Album You Wanted, at the Mix Castle in Waterloo, IA. Upon the album's release, 404 added Ben Larson on bass as Badhorse moved to guitar, and the power trio has become an official four-oh-four piece.

Combining angst, some humor, and a whole lot of beer with pounding bass, screaming (and, at times, truly weird) guitar, and drums that teeter on insanity, the 404 sound is something truly unique. The band moves in and out of punk and rock with a touch of prog and an all grunge attitude with an energy that is best conveyed live (preferably after a few drinks).

404's second studio effort, No More Heroes, is out now!

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