Bomb Quixote

Oh, well, you think you're better than me 
Well, I think I'd tend to agree 
'Cause, baby, it ain't that difficult 
Oh, well, now you're calling me names
But I've always been lame
So what makes you think I ain't heard that one before? 

Oh, well, now you've got sympathy
But baby, it's been just me, and 
I don't think I need your help
Oh, now, it's not something I choose 
I was born to lose
Welcome to my life

Just when you think I've hit the bottom, I'm busting through... 

'Cause, baby, I'm the bomb! 

Oh, well, now you want to defuse?
Well, Baby, I like the abuse
so go ahead, cut the wire 
Oh, I'm not sure you got the right one
Baby, you'd better run, 
I think I'm about to blow... 

'Cause, baby, I'm the bomb! 

Not quite so sure where it all went south, 
But I think it started when this long-necked bottle punched me in the mouth 
Now my gums are filled with glass, 
Becoming shrapnel as my words come blasting past 

'Cause I'm the bomb... 

Just when you think I've the bottom, I'm busting through... 

'Cause, baby, I'm the bomb!